Don’t let this happen to you…

Everyone enjoys the beauty of a garden, especially as everything starts to blossom in the Spring.  There is nothing worse than having your yard dug up as the season begins.  Your intentions are good and you do your best to install a preform or rubber liner pond or watergarden.  You want it done fast so you can enjoy it right away.  Next thing you know, you are cutting your liner too short, piercing your preform with a rock, or hooking your filters up backwards.  What a nightmare this could be!  You’ll be lucky if you can have it finished before Fall, let alone fill it up with water!  Don’t let this happen to you!

pondLet our experienced team install a brand new pond or watergarden during the Winter months so you can enjoy it as soon as Spring arrives!  It only takes a couple days to a week or two (depending on the size and style you choose) to have one of these beautiful landscape features in your own yard to enjoy for a lifetime!

interiorteakflagstonePerhaps a pond or watergarden is not your style.  Winter is a great time to have a new flagstone floor installed in your kitchen or bathroom.  Or, how about a teakwood flagstone living room floor – it looks like real wood!  We can also transform any ordinary dry walled wall into a stone masterpiece.  The possibilities are endless!  We look forward to hearing about the ideas you have for your next project!

Thanks, from the Get it Stoned Crew

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  1. We have a pond that we want to fill in but expand our water features . We now have small children at the house and are nervous

  2. Always a good idea to review your water features when small children are regular visitors at your home. There are many options to consider, and we would be happy to stop by and see what you currently have and offer suggestions on ways we can enhance your property, even including water. Estimates are ALWAYS FREE!

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