Flagstone is one of the most versatile types of stone and can be used indoors or out. Not only can we design mortared or dry-laid walkways to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property, we can add patios, septic or well caps, even walls. Interior flagstone floors are very durable and a great asset to your kitchen, bathroom or other living space. Flagstone is often used as a decorative border for ponds and watergardens.

Ponds and Watergardens

Ponds and watergardens are a unique way to enhance your home and garden. No two are alike! We build and maintain custom waterfalls, fountains, watercourses, ponds and watergardens. Along with the fish living there, you will be amazed by the visitors that are attracted to these “mini Edens.” Butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds, frogs and toads – to name a few. Who knows, maybe even a turtle or two!

Not only can you build ponds and watergardens outside, they can be created indoors too. Imagine being able to enjoy your fish and plants all year long without the hassle of falling leaves in the Autumn or algae blooms in the Summer. They are very easy and inexpensive to maintain and make a unique display for your home or office – your guests will be in awe!

Garden Design and Development

Gardens are an extension of any home and can begin with something as simple as a stone walkway leading to your yard and then complimented with hardy perennials or even a water feature. Gardens can be designed to attract butterflies or hummingbirds and often include a variety of flowers, shrubs, grasses and smaller trees. The possibilities are endless. We also offer garden and pond maintenance. Let’s talk about the next step in enhancing your outdoor experience!

Exterior Stone

Looking to have a new structure built? We designed this carport and also build homes, barns, garages, and other stone structures, we also tend to existing structures, chipping and repointing to bring them back to their former integrity.

Retaining walls are an ideal solution to separate unlevel ground. Whether creating an elevated garden, holding back unwanted soil, or just trying to make lawn mowing easier, you can rest assured these walls will stand the test of time. Oh, did we mention that they look pretty too!

You will enjoy countless hours of warmth and family fun around your outdoor fireplace. Or perhaps, you prefer a classic style BBQ with a firepit. Get the marshmallows ready!

Interior Stone

Not only do we do outside stonework, we can enhance the inside of your home or office with stone walls and flagstone floors. The possibilities are endless and they are a great project for those cold winter months!


Plastering is an economic alternative to cover unsightly block structures, concrete walls, stone or brick. Plaster comes in many colors and finishes.

Sandblasting is used to remove old mortar after a structure has been chipped for restoration. You will be amazed as the colors of the stone that will be brought out. Or, perhaps you have a metal fence or grill (not the cooking type) covered in rust. Sandblasting will bring all back to its former integrity.

Power washing is a less abrasive way to clean your stone, brick, concrete, flagstone, etc. You will find that some surfaces in moist or shady areas will grow a blackish green mildew or moss. Power washing these areas bring it back to a like-new appearance. Sorry, we do not power wash wood.